The Boss Hair Mrs Gwen


  • Full Perimeter Lace Wig Install
    Full perimeter lace wig install. This service doesn’t consist of plucking or styling. Includes: * Mold or Braid hair flat. * Mold wig cap *Tint Lace
  • Glue Down Back Of Lace Wig ONLY
    Glue the back of the lace wig down only. This does not include gluing the front or putting a little glue in the front. If there’s glue or tape on the lace wig, it’s not guaranteed to hold.
  • Glue Front Of Lace Wig Only
    This service is for the ladies who don’t want the back of their lace wigs glued down. This decision can not be changed once you arrive. The lace wig must be clean or new I will also do the following if needed: Braid your hair Bleach knots (upon request) Make front hairline look neat and natural
  • Lace Wig Consultation
    I will explain all the different lace wig options and my install process.